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GOLFART - Reason to win

GOLFART TROPHIES, created in our golfart studio are perfect for awarding on golf tournaments. Creativity, modern and elegant design and ingenuity separates us from the typical awards found on the market. Our trophies will add something new to your award ceremony and present your players with a prize they will be happy to display in their homes.
GOLFART BRONZE TROPHIES, created in our sculpture atelier are high-end awards perfect for special tournaments, anniversaries, awarding players at special occasions or as a transitional trophy. All sculptures are made from patinated and polished bronze equipped with an authenticity certificate and artist's signature.
GOLFART UNIQUE TROPHIES, created in our golfart studio are one of a kind sculptures designed as a special award at special occasions. Once purchased they are removed from our offer and only made available to the original buyer. All unique trophies are handmade from selected materials and carefully processed to reach the fine esthetic appearance.
GOLFART EXTERIOR & INTERIOR SCULPTURES, are customly designed depending on your wishes and location. The designed sculpture can be miniaturized to be recreated in to trophies that can be awarded at club tournaments, special occasions or as recognition awards to partners. This is the perfect way to enhance recognition of your golf club.